Hague congratulates Kosovo on progress towards the EU
William Hague dhe Hashim Thaçi
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The British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, visited Kosovo, Europe’s newest country, from the 24-25 October. He met President Jahjaga, Prime Minister Thaçi, Deputy Prime Minister Petrović and Foreign Minister Hoxhaj to discuss Kosovo’s EU Perspective, internal reforms and outreach to minority communities, including in northern Kosovo.

Following his meetings, the Foreign Secretary said:

“It is a great pleasure to visit Pristina for the first time. The United Kingdom is a firm friend of the people of Kosovo. Kosovo has made impressive strides over the last four and a half years since independence, and I congratulate Prime Minister Thaci and his Government once again for meeting the conditions to end supervised independence earlier this year.

“I welcome the fact that on 10 October, the EU gave Kosovo a clear commitment to open Stability and Association Agreement (SAA) negotiations. This will be the first milestone in Kosovo’s journey towards EU membership. Progress towards EU membership will benefit all of Kosovo’s citizens but will require hard work and fundamental reforms in areas such as the economy, rule of law, the fight against corruption, electoral reform and public administration. Kosovo can count on UK support throughout this process.

“I particularly enjoyed meeting representatives from Kosovo’s minority communities today. It is clear that these communities still face real challenges to their well-being and security, and I have urged the Government to take visible action to reach out to those who feel marginalised.

“Finally, I have stressed to all those I met in Kosovo that dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo on normalising relations is essential for both countries as they move towards EU integration. As I leave Pristina for Belgrade, I look forward to delivering the same message there.”
Published on: October 25, 2012 - 2:43 pm
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