Gruevski, Ahmeti and Thaci will "kneel" Zaev
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DUI has not officially responded to the question whether there will be in April free and democratic elections.

Macedonian media write that DUI has the same attitude as VMRO and Thaci of the DP will do the same, With this attitude it is certain that the condition to hold free and fair election is met.

But on the other hand no one says why reforms have not started and why they are not cleaning the voters' list. There are also some problems in the Elections Commission as Violeta Duma from the SDSM fulfills conditions to retire.

SDSM in turn asked the Commission to submit the original diploma of the committee member Silvana Boneva and proof of work experience after graduation.

Also none of the parties have not mentioned any postponement of the elections. A possible second date was June 26th, and that would mean that parties would have time to meet all conditions of the agreement.

But unofficially this date for the parties is inadequate because of the summer holidays ahead. /
Published on: January 8, 2016 - 4:16 pm
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