Gjinushi: Nishani and Basha puppets of Berisha
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The head of the Social-Democrats Skėnder Gjinushi says that President Nishani is being directed by Sali Berisha and that the laws he didn't sign comply with what the DP thinks.

In an interview for "Shekulli", Gjinushi commented also the role of the new DP leader. Basha, he said, is leading under the shadow of Berisha. He also spoke about his relations with the actual PM, Edi Rama, the scandal at Bank of Albania, the territorial reform and the closure of several private universities.

"The constitutional changes and their product was one of the key elements that broke the political balance in Albania. The Constitution said that the president needs to be chosen with 84 votes, and must be consensual. The same goes for choosing the heads of key institutions. But those changes broke this balance, while the latest proposals to change the HCJ law, proposed by the Minister of Justice, exposed this situation where even the majority had the necessary votes, the balance was fragile. What is important is knowing the consequences that come after doing so, like in the case of HCJ and the President.

He wasn't consensual and he could not be independent like Mr. Topi was in the end of his term. When Mr. Topi knew he could not return to be part of the DP, he started to act with rationality and be over the parties.

After the mistake Berisha made with Topi and the risk of loosing elections, he started to propose for president people that weren't acceptable and one of those was Jozefina Topalli. But it was a joke, because Berisha knew who was going to be the next president after he would lose the elections", he said.

For Gjinushi Basha is not the leader of the DP.

"First of all he needs to come out of Berisha's shadow. He knows what is vote stealing because this is how he managed to become mayor of Tirana. As a secretary he was accused for corruption, for what happened during the protests of January 21st. Basha and the opposition should be opposing the problems and the failures to the actual government, but instead it is trying to form the "dirty" work that did when they were governing and say it is done by this government", Gjinushi said.
Published on: August 15, 2014 - 12:17 pm
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