Gjermeni in France to promote Albanian tourism
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Minister of Urban Development and Tourism, Englantina Gjermeni, is visiting Paris in an effort to boost cooperation with France. The 4-day will serve Gjermeni to promote Albanian tourism. Minister Gjermeni is accompanied by our ambassador in France, Dritan Tola, and the French ambassador in Albania Bernard Fitoussi.

The visit of Minister Gjermeni in Paris, is the most important event for 2015 and will serve to increase the number of visitors from France. Before, the such cooperation with France in the fields of tourism and urban development, almost did not exist. Collaboration has been mainly between the private sectors of both countries.

Today Gjermeni met with Viviane le Dissez, President of the Group of Friendship France-Albania, the National Assembly and President of the Conservatoire de Littoral.

Gjermeni remembered the visit of Mr. Rama a few days ago after what happened to '"Charlie Hebdo" Magazine. She said that religious tolerance is something we have had for centuries and we should not lose that.

Gjermeni also said that France is a partner and supports Albania and in the future the cooperation between the two countries should also be materialized in other areas of economy. The first day of the visit closed the meeting with tour operators, representatives of the French media and the Albanian community in Paris.

In the meeting held at the Embassy of the Republic of Albania were also present President of the Francophone Business Forum Mr. Steve Gentili, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France-Albania Mr. Julien Roche, representatives of Adria Airways etc with whom she discussed investments in our country and the bilateral relations. /albeu.com/
Published on: January 16, 2015 - 3:25 pm
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