Gazmend Oketa attacks DP, speaks about the government
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General Secretary of the New Democratic Spirit, Gazmend Oketa, says that till now they haven't had any invite from the Socialists or the Democrats for any cooperation.

In an interview for "Gazeta Shqiptare", Oketa says that after September the party where he is a member will be reorganized based on the new territorial reform and will begin preparing for the local elections. He thinks that DP is trying to slowdown the pace of reforms based on the interests of some people.

“The anti-cannabis action, the closure of several universities, closure of casinos, demolition of many buildings without any permit are things that have to be welcomed and supported. We also need to criticize the government for not working properly in other sectors like the reform in the justice system. It is not an easy reform but they need to move faster. One thing is for sure, the government won't be able to keep all promises till the end of the mandate", he says.

Gazmend Oketa also comments the theft that happened at the Central Bank and says Fullani's resign wouldn't count.

“If he resigns after such a long time from the theft, it won't mean anything for the people. In this situation the biggest legal and moral responsibility has the name of the directing board of the bank", he says.

Oketa also says he was deeply shocked when he heard about the sexual scandal in Saranda and says it is not the same thing as "Pango" case. Oketa thinks what happened in Saranda is a crime, because a man tried to have sexual contact with an underage girl, while Pango's behavior was not worthy of a high official or a Secretary of State. /
Published on: August 25, 2014 - 12:49 pm
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