Fulfilling 5 EU priorities, a priority of the Albanian government
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Minister of European Integration, Klajda Gjosha met today France's new ambassador Mr. Bernard Fitoussi.

Gjosha thanked the Ambassador for the support given by France for the candidate status, which was a historic decision for the country.

Both parties praised the excellent relations between the two countries, stressing that intensifyint the cooperation, especially at the technical level, would be very fruitful to move forward with the integration process.

"After obtaining the status of candidate country, Albania has entered a crucial phase and it is very necessary for us to carry forward the European agenda, "said Minister Gjosha.

The French Ambassador stressed that his country is ready to provide technical expertise and stressed that Albania is a country with a lot of energy and opportunity to develop.

"Things have changed when it comes to the image of Albania and it is a very positive thing for your country.

France is a country that supports you in your path towards the European Union. In these moments, you should focus to build and advance the integration process" he said. /albeu.com/

Published on: September 22, 2014 - 4:51 pm
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