Fule meets Rama: Parliamentary boycott is not the right way
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In a joint press conference with EU Commissioner for Enlargement, Stefan Fule, after the high-level meeting EU-Albania, Rama said that the majority is ready to discuss with the opposition and fulfill any requirement that would end the parliamentary boycott.

Rama expressed determination to push ahead with reforms.

"We are determined to carry out reforms. We want the opposition to be part of it. We have an obligation towards the voters, that we won't treat the opposition like they did with us. The facts speak for our reliability, "said Rama.

Regarding the boycott of the opposition for several months, Rama said this is just a pretext of Basha.

"The opposition left the Parliament pretending that two members of the majority physically attacked one of their MP-es. We condemned the act and they will face the prosecition.

We want the justice to do its work and will punish every act that damages the political coexistence not only in Parliament but also in Albanian politics" he said.

While considering the continuation of the boycott as a right of DP, Rama added that they are open to fulfill any request of the DP regarding the investigative commissions.

Fule: Boycott is not the right way

Commissioner for EU Enlargement, Stefan Fule underlined the need for constructive dialogue between the parties, and reform compromise. He said that these are the most important elements, so they should not be forgotten in the path towards the European Union.

"EU integration should be comprehensive, I know that there will be cooperation and implementation. In the end there will be only one winner, Albania and the Albanian people, "said Fule.

Regarding parliamentary boycott, he stated that taking the political battle in the streets, is not the European way and this action does not help Albania in its path towards EU. /albeu.com/
Published on: September 29, 2014 - 3:24 pm
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