Fule: DP-SP to meet the requirements in the coming weeks
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Opposition-majority political conflict in Albania should not be the cause for the delay of the process of receiving the EU Candidate country status. Brussels warns the Albanian politics through the statement of the EU Commissioner for Enlargement, Stefan Fule. He said for AS that the government and the opposition should reach and agreement to met the remaining three criteria to receive the EU candidate country status in December.

"The recommendation is clear and authorities should be able to meet the requirements in the coming weeks or months. It's up to them. The most important thing when I see these unresolved issues it that the good collaboration between the government and the opposition should continue. I hope that after the positive recommendation given by the Commission, both parties, the government and the opposition, not only should reflect on it, but should consider it a request to conclude the remaining conditions with an agreement. I will repeat it once again, it?s time for them to decide such a thing," said Fule.

Even though the European Commission gave the recommendation for Albania to receive the candidate country status, among officials in Brussels there's still concern that political conflicts that appear frequently can damage political dialogue for the European agenda. According to European officials, the official Tirana should do more to convince EU that democratic stability and the European integration process are guaranteed and not affected by constant political conflicts.
Published on: October 15, 2012 - 10:34 am
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