Fule: 2012, year of integration opportunity
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Stefan Fule, The EU Enlargement Commissioner, gave optimistic signals in Tirana for 2012. He said that 2012 might be the year when Albania will really receive the candidate status.

This optimism is based on the cooperation of the government and the opposition for fulfilling the 12 European Commission recommendations.

“2011 wasn’t the best year, so that Albania could fulfill the 12 recommendations. But now I feel the wind of change and I hope that this chance will become real by the end of this year”, Fule declared.

Rama promised to Fule that the opposition is fully committed to push the EU agenda forward and conclude the reforms in time. The other promise that Commissioner Fule received from Tirana, was from PM Berisha about the presidential election.

“The second and very important element is the Prime Minister’s commitment for making the presidential election negotiable”, Fule declared.

This promise was made public by PM Berisha too, but he refused to specify if this “negotiable process” meant that there would be a consensual president, or one elected only with the votes of the majority.

Fule’s advices in Parliament

The EU Enlargement Commissioner, Stefan Fule, underlined that Albania must commit and fulfill all conditions set by the EU for the integration.

Speaking in front of the Albanian MPs in a Parliamentary session, the Commissioner underlined four points that the political class must make a good use of the remaining period for continuing with the EU progress.

“I want to underline the importance of the electoral reform, the role that the Parliament must play in it, the rule of law and the human rights”, Fule declared.

The Commission valued the consensus reached in Parliament by emphasizing that experience has shown that the integration can be achieved only when there is consensus for the main issues and for a long term.
Published on: May 4, 2012 - 9:09 am
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