Frroku arrested after the Parliament approves Prosecution's request
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Police has arrested for the second time MP Mark Frroku. Earlier in the day, the Parliament approved with 113 votes in favor, 2 against and 2 abstentions the request of the Prosecution to arrest Frroku.

The voting process was secret and the names of those who voted against remain unknown. The head of the Christian democrats, is wanted by Belgian authorities for a murder that happened in 1999. The victim was Aleksander Kurti, but Frroku has denied any involvement. He has said that when Kurti was killed he wasn't in Belgium.

During today's plenary sitting, former prime minister Sali Berisha said that Mark Frroku is the true face of Edi Rama. According to Berisha, Minister of Interior Affairs should do the same as Didi, resign.

The response of PM Edi Rama responded to both accusations of Berisha and Topalli and said the opposition is fabricating all kinds of accusations and the elections of June 21st will show how much do Albanians believe them. /
Published on: April 2, 2015 - 4:37 pm
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