Fleckenstein: Membership process belongs to the country
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Attending the forum "Europe, the goal is the way", in Vlora, EP rapporteur for Albania, Knut Fleckenstein, has described as very important the political dialogue in the country, saying that EU membership belongs to us all.

"Impressive performance in the ongoing reforms. Congratulations to the prime minister, you have done a very good work, the status of the candidate country for EU membership is also an obligation to make reforms successful. It is for important reforms to be implemented successfully.

As the EP rapporteur for Albania, my report will be voted on next week's session. The report is based on these five priorities that I mentioned. Priorities that the EC and the Government has considered essential for the next phase of the process.

Albania is in the way of an important reform in public administration. Judicial reform will be equally important, will increase the level of public confidence in the system. To fight corruption, it is important to fight it at all levels and areas, as the Albanian government has shown till now.

The Albanian government has shown the capacity to perform major operations to combat corruption and organized crime.Parties should provide alternatives to citizens. Such political dialogue is more important, as the Government will not lead alone the country towards EU membership. The accession process belongs to the whole country. We want you to join EU, EP has stated that Albania is part of the community. I know that this day will come", he said. /albeu.com/
Published on: April 17, 2015 - 12:58 pm
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