European Commission discusses Fleckenstein's report on Albania
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Rapporteurs for Albania in the European Parliament, Knut Fleckenstein and Eduard Kukan presented some amendments in front of MEPs and stressed that the tense political climate in the country can be a major obstacle to our country's membership in the EU.

Fleckenstein said in his speech that the country had originally 192 amendments, which were reduced to 16, for which there has been consensus.

According to the EP rapporteurs the main challenges are public administration reform, the fight against corruption and political dialogue among parties.

He added that it is important for Albania to implement amendments, in order to start negotiations.

Meanwhile, Eduard Kukan said that the fight against crime and corruption and law enforcement are still open challenges.

Kukan said that Albania is behind in the reform of public administration and administrative-territorial reform, which are contested from the opposition. / /

12:50 The Foreign Committee of the European Parliament in Brussels discusses today Knut Fleckenstein's report on Albania. The sitting will begin at 15:00 until 18:30, while the draft will be will be voted, at the Strasbourg plenary session, from April 27-30th.

In his report to our country Fleckenstein stressed, lack of sustained political dialogue, which could impede further progress in the accession process. This is the essence of the 24 recommendations of the rapporteur for Albania Knut Fleckenstein, which was submitted to the Foreign Committee of the European Parliament.

After his visit to Tirana in January this year, Fleckenstein does not recommend the opening of accession negotiations for Albania, seeking effective implementation of sustainable reforms on 5 key priorities that serve Albania's democratic transformation and pave the way for EU membership negotiations.

Whereas the authorities are invited to promote integrity and independence of key democratic institutions, judiciary and resolving the case of 21 January 2011.

Even Corruption has been cited as one of the core issues and the high EU official states that it must be fought at all levels, requiring cooperation between the relevant institutions.

Organized crime also remains one of the points for which the report required much work, despite some efforts and some positive steps listed by the Albanian state. /
Published on: April 13, 2015 - 8:00 pm
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