EU negotiations, Gjosha: The government needs the opposition
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In a press conference Minister of European Integration, Klajda Gjosha, said that the next challenge for Albania is the opening of EU membership negotiations, and the government needs the opposition.

"For the first time, a progress report does not have specific recommendations, as the next challenge for Albania is to open negotiations," said Gjosha.

She further added that "The government needs the opposition. We need a real debate, to show Albanians the best option to undertake the necessary reforms. "According to her, the opening of negotiations is conditioned on the fulfillment of the five priorities, for which Albania has made progress.

"The integration process is carried out step by step and takes time. It expresses the firm will to cooperate with all stakeholders. I call on all political parties to cooperate ". Gjosha said that justice reform remains essential. "Institutional capacity building is necessary to make changes," she said. /
Published on: October 9, 2014 - 1:16 pm
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