DP: Rama should clarify the accusations of Thimio
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The Democratic Party required to the prime minister Rama to provide clarification regarding the Collector Gjergji Thimio charges. In a statement to the media the democratic Deputy Aldo Bumci said that the prosecution should initiate investigations into the allegations.

"The prime minister Rama, his mentor Koco Kokėdhima and Artan Lame have given no public explanation for this shocking accusation in court.
Gjergji Thimio said that the deputy Koco Kokėdhima and Artan Lame wanted to take from him a rare painting from Onufri worth 1 million euros, which Rama needed for his adviser Tony Blair. "Said Bumci.

According to Gjergji Thimio, a part of his collection was dissapeared in the inventory of paintings and icons accusing Rama and Kokėdhima of stealing and staging of his arrest for this purpose.

The Democratic Party urges the Prosecution urges to immediately start an investigation into Gjergji Thimios charges and investigate the evidence given before the judicial body. accusations
Published on: May 10, 2014 - 2:01 pm
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