DP: Rama is sharing the power with crime
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The Democratic Party accused Prime Minister Edi Rama today that he is continuing to be as six-days biennial tourist, while he left a person with criminal precedent, running the District of Vlora.

"We had to kill the girl, we could not allow to have problems, said the pledge during an abduction, in the early 2000, in the area of Sicily, Sadrit Danaj. This tempered mobster who deserves more than the punishment of justice but Edi Rama, instead, appointed him as the Mayor of the District Council. Danaj conversations which were intercepted by the Italian police and published by La Repubblica. This is the bandit style with whom Rama shares his power. This is the model of the first MP Deputy for Vlora, and further it is the model of the Prime Minister for the whole country, "said spokeswoman Laura Vorpsi in the media.

She said that with his silence and tourist escapes, only prolongs the agony of Rama of a criminals governing whose power was not given by the citiziens of Vlora or the country.
Published on: June 8, 2014 - 2:29 pm
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