Deputy CEC: Boycott for the May 8 elections? Ask SP
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Deputy of the Central Election Deshira Subashi, in a statement for "Shqip" explains the reasons why she left the meeting of 7 January, for the decision to burn the ballots and submit the record of the voter lists.

Deputy Subashi explained that she left the collection due to the decision that was taken and has not abandoned the institution of the Central Election Commission. "Our reaction had a strong reason in our opinion. We asked not to take that decision at that moment. When you do not agree in principle can not take a unilateral decision, without the consent of the other party, "said Subashi, a day after the meeting.

Asked whether a boycott would be back to the CEC during these months that coincide with local elections and if the issue of transparency of past elections will be separate from the issue of voting on 8 May, she responded saying that "If the election boycott and transparency will be or not affiliated with the May elections, yyou should ask the Socialist Part."
Published on: January 9, 2011 - 4:26 pm
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