Decision given on Gerdeci tradegedy
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Four years after Gerdeci tragedy and amid opposition from the victims’ family members, the Tirana district court gave today the ruling on this matter. At today’s session which is going on, Tirana district court sentenced the defendants of Gerdeci case as following; Ylli Pinari the former- MEICO boss and Dritan Minxolli the plant director were sentenced to 18 years in jail each, former Albanian administrator of “Albademil” ltd, businessman Mihal Delijorgji, to 10 years. The Ministry of Defense official Sokol Ngjeçi was sentenced to 10 years, Luan Hoxha former Chief of the Army’s General Staff was sentenced to 6 years and banned from exerting his duty for 4 other years. Meanwhile, Ardian Mullai and Agim Lala were cleared of the charges in connection with Gerdeci tragedy. /
Published on: March 12, 2012 - 9:41 pm
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