Danaj: EU in Kosovo is acting in a brutal manner
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The head of the List for Natural Albania, Koco Danaj has analyzed the political situation in Kosovo, the country is in a political deadlock for more than 3 months.

According to him, the ambassadors of the European Union are being very hypocritical, especially when they say that "the EU does not interfere in the internal affairs of Kosovo".

"Many of them say that they do not interfere to resolve the problems regarding the constitution of the Parliament and the government and this appears to be the hypocrisy.

But these are the ambassadors that forced the Parliament and the government not to dissolve the Parliament without approving the creation of the special Court for the so-called "KLA crimes"? Aren't these the same guys who intervened to prevent the creation of CAF (Kosovo Armed Forces)? Aren't these the same guys theat interfered in the Parliament to extend of the mandate of EULEX? Yes, they are"said Danaj.

Koco Danaj adds that Cliff and Zhgobar are trying to hide the truth. /albeu.com/
Published on: September 17, 2014 - 2:40 pm
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