Countryman: Resolve the crisis
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American Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe, Thomas Countryman in an interview for "Voice of America" says that the politicians in Albania should be able to negotiate with each other and resolve their own problems in a democratic manner through dialogue and compromise .

"Any delay in this regard - the senior U.S. official adds, - damages the image of the country or the deadline to enter the EU. "

According to Countryman, the U.S. believe that membership in the European Union and the process to achieve this are vital to promote the reform process in Eastern Europe.

"If Albania aims to have a 21st century economy, to have a clean government, to have respect for the law, it must continue to work its way towards the European Union. Albania needs, as we have said many times for other regional countries, to start with the issue of the lawful state, transparency and clean government, "concludes Countryman.
Published on: January 9, 2011 - 12:33 pm
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