COMMENT / Why Halim Kosova is the most dangerous opponent for Veliaj in Tirana
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Special from - Halim Kosova is probably the most dangerous opponent for Erion Veliaj in the race to become mayor of Tirana. Veliaj would have more easily against Basha and Berisha than against Kosova.

Having the support of the Government and the majority, for Veliaj it would be easier to have a political opponent from the DP, tired of governing the country for 8 years and the capital for 4. In these conditions, it would be easy for him to find arguments to use in the campaign.

But the situation changes with Halim Kosova. he has been part of the last government only for a few months. It is an opponent who has maintained a low political profile and cannot accuse him of anything. The opposite would be with any political figure, who would be easy to attack also because in the last months, the last government failed to govern properly the country.

Veliaj is a highly political figure, sometimes, even bothering. He is one of the most prominent ministers of the current majority and is known for his closeness to Prime Minister Rama. Kosova on the other hand is more known as a doctor than as a politician.

Unlike Kosova, politics for Veliaj is a profession and he lives by it, while Kosova has always been a doctor.

Voting for Veliaj, people know that they have voted the SP and Rama, while Kosova is not identified with Basha, Berisha or the DP.

Basha and Berisha know too well that having a political figure in front of Veliaj would mean loosing the elections. Neither of them has a good history with the capital.

They know now that even if they would run for the capital they would sink in front for Veliaj and the actual majority, but also from Basha's poor performance in the Municipality of Tirana in these four years. /
Published on: April 16, 2015 - 2:08 pm
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