COMMENT / The Reform between a leak from the DP and early elections
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After several months of failed negotiations between the parties the Parliament has already started the procedures to include the draft in the next hearing sessions, paving the way to discuss legal changes.

It is about a series of changes in the country's justice system, which will reorganize how the courts or prosecution operate and are checked.

There were 33 members of the majority, including Petrit Vasili from SMI and Tahir Muhedini from PJIU, who signed the necessary constitutional changes, which essentially make up what has been called Justice Reform.

Sending it in the Parliament, without the consent of the right-wing, is a big bet between Rama and Meta, who apparently hope to get the votes of some DP MPs who will challenge the party decision.

There were allegations that some MPs are ready to vote, however this will be proved when the voting comes.

If this will not happen, the move to send the draft to the parliament is also a training ground for early elections.

This move would be a good reason for Rama to go to early elections avoiding the risk of degradation of power for another year until the summer of 2017. /
Published on: June 18, 2016 - 2:27 pm
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