Comment/ The good boy named Erion Veliaj
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The electoral campaign hasn't begun officially, but the strategy the left is going to use in the capital, is clear. Adjusting well to his position as a representative of a political party that is in government, Veliaj will initially conduct a constructive campaign.

The left has chosen to play a simple game with Veliaj by not allowing him to "make his hands dirty" during the campaign. There will be others who will deal with accusations and counter accusations, to destroy the opponent and his message.

Veliaj will only work on shaping his message to the public. Erion Veliaj will be the good guy. He will not attack his opponent, but will deliver his messages with kindness and positivism when it comes to his opponent.

That is why in a meeting held today in Tirana he said: "I made a public promise, each family, each of us, every normal man is tired of hearing low accusations", he said.

But who will be the bad man?

During the last days we have seen the bad guys. One of them is Taulant Balla and the second one is Erion Brace. It is the second time that Balla attacked the DP candidate of his profession making a direct connection with Berisha. "I have nothing personal with Mr. Kosova as a doctor, but we do not need a doctor for Tirana, as we had a cardiologist ruling the country and we saw how it went. Basha chose Jorida, but she refused and then he chose Kosova- said Balla. /
Published on: April 22, 2015 - 1:24 pm
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