COMMENT / Rama and Basha wonder: Who are they?!
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Besides candidates for mayor, a strong competition in local elections is expected to be that for municipal councilors, given the fact that the city receives a greater importance thanks to changes in the territorial map of the country.

Small parties in coalition with bigger ones will be looking to win a local representation of their electorate. This would help them grow for the next general elections two years from now, reports.

However, only a small number of parties from those who have entered the largest coalitions are expected to be represented by council candidates in these elections, as the others are almost do not exist in the country.

A research conducted by, there are parties that won't get more than 100 votes in the whole territory of Albania. The SP coalition leads the list with 40 parties, but few parties in that coalition have a considerable number of supporters. For example the SP is in coalition with the Democratic Party for Integration and Prosperity, which in the last elections only won 74 votes in the whole country. The Party of Albanian Issues, another party of the coalition got 366 votes. Another one, the National Conciliation Party got 823 votes, while 6 others did not compete in previous elections.

Between 500 and 2,000 votes are also some other parties such as the Democratic Reform Party (1600 votes); Movement for Justice of Albanians Party (540 votes); New Tolerance Party of Albanians (700 votes) etc.

The number of votes is very small expected to reach among 2000-4000 votes in the country. On the other hand the 16 parties of the right coalition have less than 3500 votes or did not compete in previous elections. For example the Conservative Albanian Party got 2800 votes and the Time of Albania Party got 3200 votes in the last elections. 4 others parties did not compete. Parties that maybe will help Basha are the Republican Party with a significant number of votes across the country, Movement for National Development, Legality Movement Party, the Agrarian Party and Liberal Democratic Union.
Published on: April 20, 2015 - 10:54 am
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