COMMENT / Decriminalization, is it a second chance for politics?
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It seemed that with the end of the deadline set by some Western ambassadors to remove incriminated candidates, this initiative will be closed without any tangible results.

The withdrawal of the Democratic candidate in Kelcyra, the meeting of Ambassador Donald Lu at the CEC and as well as the Democrats' demand to sign a memorandum with the SP to remove such candidates has brought to the attention of the public the decriminalization of politics beginning with the local governance.

Now that the names of the candidates have been published and the electoral campaign has started, parties will need to show on whether they were serious to decriminalize politics, but above all they will need to choose between losing municipalities where candidates have brought problems and listening to the advice of different ambassadors.

Initially ambassador Vlahutin noted that if the parties would not remove criminals from politics, she would come out on May 13rd to publish the names of candidates with criminal precedents.

This approach initiated by Ambassador Lu, resulted unsuccessfully because the parties have done nothing.

Setting a standard for local elections would be a good example for the general elections two years later as the parliament will be clear of those who have had a criminal past. /
Published on: June 2, 2015 - 8:00 pm
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