Colonel Demiraj removed from office for violating the military status
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Armed Forces has explained the reasons for dismissing Colonel Dritan Demiraj, adding that the decision was taken after finding out that Demiraj has repeatedly violated the law "for the military status", traveling abroad without permission.

In a statement distributed to the media, the Ministry of Defense informs the public opinion that they have classified information at their disposal that could affect national security.

"Armed Forces as any other institution in a democratic system fulfill their mission only based on the laws of the country. Everyone within AF must be punished when they violate the law and the military discipline. Everyone must respect the law, and unfortunately, this turns out not to be true for Colonel Dritan Demiraj, who repeatedly in more than one case violated law 'for military status', traveling abroad without permission.

These actions constitute serious violations of military discipline as long as these high rank officials dispose classified information that could affect national security This is not the first case we have acted in conditions of severe violation of discipline and the law. We acknowledge his contribution and wish him success in private activity, law enforcement and the future of AM always remain more important than one individual "reads the statement of the Ministry of Defence. /
Published on: December 21, 2014 - 6:36 pm
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