Cani and Spiropali say Customs system is changing for the better
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In the premises of the Directorate-General of Customs was held today the "Closing Ceremony of Professional Internship" for students who completed their internship at the Customs Administration during the two months of summer. Present at the event were Minister of Finance Shkelqim Cani and the Director-General of Customs Elisa Spiropali.

The professional internship was held this year for the first time in the history of the Customs Administration, and will be developed in the coming years as part of a new vision for the administration to accept as interns, students and graduates.
The purpose of this internship was versatile. First, the possibility that some Albanian graduate students get a work experience in the public administration, familiarize with business processes, the organization of customs.

Secondly, it is an opportunity to identify students who show dedication and special skills while performing assigned tasks and considering them to become part of the administration.

Also, this is a new way to increase transparency to the public by connecting it with the citizens.

There were 163 applications and 101 of them were selected. These students worked in almost all departments of the Customs.

Minister of Finance, Shkelqim Cani expressed confidence that the Customs is doing a great job, however, there is still much work ahead.

During the certification ceremony of the students the Minister said that there is still some room to improve the image.

"The image can change, but it has to be done with facts, figures and realities. Much work has been made, but much remains to be done in this regard. We must apply and respect the law" he said.

While Spiropali expressed satisfaction that a subordinate institution of the Ministry of Finance as Customs developed this professional internship accepting 101 graduate students. Addressing to the participants, she spoke about the transformation of the administration.

"The Customs Administration has many priorities: fight against corruption, the sophistication of the investigation system, and anti-smuggling investigation, increase revenue, trade facilitation. But above all there is a priority: the transformation of the administration in a genuinely European administration, serving business and citizens, "she said. /
Published on: September 19, 2014 - 3:23 pm
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