Cannabis plants fill the yards of homes in Lazarat (VIDEO)
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Hundreds filled cups with seedlings, fill the yards of homes. Cannabis planting season has just begun in Lazarat, although noise about the village-3 south of Gjirokastra, seems to have no end. The show "Fiks Fare" aired yesterday seedlings view of the village where the police enters only for awareness campaigns.

Police forces stand at the entrance of the village and check every vehicle that comes from Lazarati. However, its activity continues inside undigested, in the tradition of previous years. Cannabis green shoots are everywhere, in plastic cups, flower pots small boxes.

The Camera of "Fiks Fare" was entered in the houses of some of the inhabitants of this village, who still have reservations of cannabis from last year. The prices vary according to the quality seed used. Hashish is carryed around in bags or in barrels of water in their homes.

Reporters found several people who sell hashish. A young boy shows his yard flowers, whose kilogram reached to 300 euros, if the purchaser would buy the full amount of 500 kg that was left. Two other residents opened the door of the cannabis room, where the production left from the last year could be found. They show that a day earlier, they had sold 100 Kg, respectively 200 euro per kilogram.

Last year, Lazarati has become an international problem, but Albanian police has not yet managed to establish full control over the territory occupied by cannabis.

A month ago, Deputy Director of the State Police, said that Sokol Bizhga entered the village, drank a coffee and saw no hashish anywhere in Lazarat.

Ministri i Brendshėm, Saimir Tahiri and the head of the Police Artan Didi have warned for other controls in the village, but nothing has happened so far. /
Published on: June 10, 2014 - 2:23 pm
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