Brace calls Fullani a liar
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Socialist MP Erion Braēe accused again the Central Bank's governor Ardian Fullani for lying in the Parliament, because the Bank created the Audit Committee with member that are not part of the bank's directing system.

Writing on Facebook Braēe says that IMF recommended in 2006 the creation of this Committee to strengthen the internal and external control of the bank, but Fullani did not take their recommendation into consideration.

"Two very serious things and two true things. The newspapers published today two articles regarding the Bank. The first about the Audit Committee and the IMF recommended its creation in 2006, but it wasn't done. The second article is about the arrest of 7 other employees of the bank, all those who did the inventories. Fullani lied, me as the head of Economy commission and all other members when he gave his testimony behind closed doors a month ago.

MP Ervin Koci asked him and he said the inventories were done, but according the new rules of the European Central bank, this is done by choosing 5 % of the cases, and this is the reason why they did not understand and know about the theft.

Today, the prosecution has discovered a regulation dating in 2006, that says that all cases should be checked. The governor lied and this is very serious.
Published on: August 30, 2014 - 12:16 pm
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