Berisha: Preparations for the touristic season
Kryeministri Sali Berisha
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Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha, in a media conference said that Albania is expecting tourist season as the leading destination on the planet.
"Albania has entered the tourist season and the influx of tourists is rising. In April, local and central governments have been engaged in electioneering, but is working on a plan of action for preparing for this season. I call on the Albanian citizens, local and central government representatives to follow up with full commitment to finalizing the preparations for the most successful tourist season in the history of the country ", said Berisha.

"We are valued by the world's most prestigious agencies as the main tourist destination in the planet. Albanians have merit for binding to these levels of tourist Albania. This great success, that was unthinkable 5-6 years ago, is deserved because of Albanian hospitality, "added the Prime Minister of the country.

Later, Berisha urged the Albanian citizens to keep the environment clean, "I call on everyone to do everything to keep a clean environment. It is a good opportunity to create positive impressions of our country. Soon inaugurated processing plants and sewage, but nothing replaces the care of citizens for a cleaner environment for ourselves and for tourists who vacate in our country. "

Prime Minister and concurrently head of the Democratic Party chose not to comment during the country's political topicality.

"Our thanks to all staff of the CEC, representatives of political forces and State Police officers. Today prefer to remain the theme of the conference tourism. However, the situation in the country does not affect tourism at all in Albania. The protests are evidence of a functioning democracy, "concluded Berisha.
Published on: May 22, 2011 - 9:31 pm
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