Berisha attacks Rama over pensions reform
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Germany has decided to reduce the retirement age in 63 years old, and the former prime minister, Sali Berisha took the chance to accuse Rama and the head of the parliament, Ilir Meta regarding the pensions reform, by saying that it increases the retirement age to 67 years old for men and 63 for women.

"Dear friends, both Rama and Meta do the opposite of what Germany does. They approved an anti-reform in the parliament. They decided to raise the retirement age. After doing so, Edvin Kristaq Rama said bragging that he did a reform that no government has done in 20 years in Albania. He used to be one the richest ones during the communist regime. He had everything while the others starved. That is why he cannot understand the reasons why no prime minister who knew what poverty and starvation means wouldn't vote such a reform.

If the previous government would do such thing it would be for the poorest country in Europe at that time, a big punishment.

Germany has today the most efficient labor market. The average age of the people is 50 % higher than in Albania, but this wouldn't stop Rama and Meta approve such a reform", said Berisha, who also warned of reforms in the coming days. /
Published on: August 15, 2014 - 12:37 pm
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