Beqja: Prime Minister’s hidden unemployment statistics
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The Secretary for the Socialist Party Program, Ilir Beqja, says that the Prime Minister is mistaken with his figures regarding the unemploeyment in Albania, since the INSTAT denies it with official data.

Beqaj declared that PM Berisha intentionally miscalculates the figures for concealing the truth.

“The Prime Minister declared that there are 300.000 preschool Albanians, which means children born before after 2006. If 300.000 children have been born in these years, it means that 50.000 of them have been born annually. But INSTAT gives other statistics, saying that there are 191.000 preschool children, while Berisha says 300.000. This means that the President’s margin of error is 35%. The Prime Minister declared that there are 320.000 farms in the rural areas, but INSTAT says that 65.000 families that live in rural areas receive social assistance. So, if there are 320.000 families, 61.000 of them are unemployed. This is another big margin of error ...”, Beqaj declared.

Few days ago, PM Berisha declared that the unemployment statistics for which the Socialists claim that reaches 1 million unemployed is rejected by the official indirect data, such as the number of retired people, preschool children and the number of farms.
Published on: May 19, 2012 - 6:35 pm
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