Basha: We must stop the "evil", before it's too late
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DP leader Basha, through a message on the social network Facebook has continued to accuse the government about the economic crisis and its consequences.

"Within a year, the economy went into crisis. Unemployment and poverty has invaded every family. People today are struggling for survival, for a living. They don't know how to govern but know how to punish people with fines, do not know how to govern, but to use violence against people. They don't know how to create national wealth, but to raise taxes, debts, the price of energy, oil, food, school fees and living costs.

They promised prosperity, but they are destroying the country's economy, democratic values and the rule of law. Through violence they aim to keep Albanians under survival anxiety, under the fear of tomorrow. This is the face of evil and we have to stop before it is too late ", Basha said. /
Published on: October 31, 2014 - 3:07 pm
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