Basha says they will not block the reform
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After the meeting of the parliamentary group, the Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, said that after the new proposition of Nuland his negotiators will hold talks with the other party. He insisted that the international partners should not have constitutional competences.

"In this proposition we incorporate 95% of the hybrid proposition of Ambassadors Lu and Vlahutin. It is not that the DP does not trust the international factor, because we have said that there will be no vote without the International Commission of Monitoring, but we cannot allow Constitutional competences. If something doesn't go well, where will the Albanian citizen seek the responsible people? At the Prime Minister of Finland? We want a stronger monitoring, but not curtains.

I confirm that the DP considers the hybrid proposition as a step towards the consensus. I confirm the will of the DP to reach an agreement soon. Our will is to have the reform voted quickly, because it has turned into an alibi for Edi Rama's crime and corruption that is sitting everywhere in airports and banks”, Basha added.

As for the declaration of Donald Lu, who expressed his disappointment for the proposition of Democrats, Basha said that the Ambassador has given a huge contribution and that he believes in a pro-American country. "Friends speak openly to each other, even when they don't agree". /
Published on: July 13, 2016 - 7:22 pm
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