Bank theft, Arvizu meets Fullani
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"It is not for me to decide. He is the governor, he has his role, US will not judge on that. Financial stability of the banking system is very important and that is why the control over it has to be strong, so that people can trust this system." This is what the US ambassador in Albania, Alexander Arvizu said today after meeting with Ardian Fullani, the central bank govnernor.

Arvizu listed some issues that according to him emerged after the theft and said that the system of the Central Bank needs improvements.

“First of all it is important that there is a criminal investigation going on, because this is a serious matter. Secondly, the system of the bank needs to be improved. And thirdly i must say that we see this as an interior affair of the bank. Politics should not intervene. World Bank, IMF and other institutions work with this bank and its stability is very important.

We understand that people are upset, but they are investigating the case. When they discuss it in the next parliamentary session, they should take in consideration that banks need to be supervised, but also be independent", he said. /
Published on: August 14, 2014 - 12:42 pm
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