Arvizu dhe Sequi "wake up" in the unit no. 5
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CEAZ no. 49 in the municipal unit number 5 is captured the interest of all Albanians. Even the internationals are focusing on the progress of the counting process in this unit.

Since the early hours of this morning unit number 5, the U.S. ambassador Alexander Arvizu and EU Ambassador Etore Sequi, have been present there even before the arrival of the representatives of both political parties in the race.

And on Wednesday night, Sequi and Arvizu were present in this unit to monitor the counting process.

From the preliminary result, the Central Election Commission from 477 ballot boxes that are counted, the right candidate of the coalition "Alliance for Citizen" has secured 123,348 votes while the candidate of the "Alliance for the Future", appears to have secured 122,777 votes.

While is expected to start counting on this unit because it stopped last night in midnight.

The two sides reached a consensus yesterday to suspend the counting process and to start at 08:00 am today.

There are eight boxes to be counted, which will determine the winner of the Municipality of Tirana. /
Published on: May 14, 2011 - 10:38 am
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