Arrest of MP-es, EU might provide legal assistance
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Recent developments in the country, after the arrest of MP Mark Frroku although that have attracted the attention of representatives of the European Parliament dealing with Albania, are not expected to be included in the draft resolution, which is expected to be approved early next week by the Committee Foreign Affairs.

"We are watching these developments. I read news agencies, but I can not evaluate the situation from here. For this I must speak with several partners in Albania, to hear how they see things. Along with EPP colleague, Kukan we have decided to discuss this situation with Commissioner Hahn and until then I am not able to say who is right and who is not. I can tell you only that, what we're seeing at the moment is not a pleasant picture and really hope that we will have a clearer picture after the investigation closes" said Knut Fleckenstein, EP rapporteur for Albania, reports TCH.

Asked if these developments will be included in his report Fleckenstein replied: "No. It is too late for this report. To be honest, to write on these events we must have facts to prove".

Confidential sources say that the meeting with Commissioner Hahn will be held on April 22nd. Among other things, MEPs are expected to talk over the possibilities of the Commission to provide legal assistance in case of need, to investigate MPs accused.

Other sources confess to Top Channel that Fleckenstein, immediately after the vote of the draft resolution by the Committee of Foreign Affairs, is expected to spend several hours in Vlora, on April 16th, where he will meet Prime Minister Rama. /
Published on: April 12, 2015 - 12:01 pm
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