Analysis/ Can Keti Bazhdari win Shkodra?
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By - At the inauguration of a textile factory, the head of SMI, Ilir Meta declared that the woman who will run in Shkodra, will be Keti Bazhdari.

Rama has supported Bazhdari from the beginning. In the past, Shkodra used to vote for the DP, but things have changed since 2011, when the democrats won the city with 61 % of the votes. Democrats won 68 thousand and Socialists 34 thousand votes.

In the last elections, Shkodra chose to vote for the socialists and Bazhdari is likely to win the city in front of her DP candidate. So the game in Shkodra begins at 0-0, in other words at a tie.

It is true that the DP in 2011 won 68 000 votes in Shkodra, but at that time the Party was in coalition with SMI of Meta and PJIU of Idrizi, who now have joined the SP.

If the 8500 votes of the SMI and 2400 of PJIU will go to the ruling coalition, the difference will only be 8 thousand votes.

The democrats still win at this point, but this will only count if the Republicans will continue to be an ally of Basha.

If they choose to run alone as they have warned earlier, they have 7600 votes. This is the point where there will be a tie between coalitions.

This way, SMI with its 8500 votes can win for the first time Shkodra and that is why Meta has chosen to stand by Bazhdari.

In the case of Shkodra, we must also take into consideration the former SP MP Tom Doshi, known to have helped the left win many votes in the last elections. /
Published on: April 4, 2015 - 8:00 pm
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