Albanian Muslim Community condemns ISIS
Skender Bruēaj
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President of the Muslim Community of Albania, Skender Brucaj, in an exclusive interview for Top Channel has condemned ISIS organization and the war in Iraq and Syria, which is being done in the name of Islam.

"ISIS, unfortunately, is hurting Islam, its image. What is happening there is not human, is something totally out of the religious worldview, and values of Islam", says Brucaj.

According to European media, the number of Albanians who have joined this organization is over 100. Brucaj has listed some reasons that pushes them to join ISIS, while stating that imams in the mosques of the country are informing all Albanian believers of what ISIS really, as a terrorist organization.

"If you look at those believers who have gone there, they have social, individual and economicproblems. They can not go in the name of religion, Islam can not be the source of motivation to go there. We as an institution, in cooperation with imams and mosques, are informing all believers to stay away from the influences of these individuals, who in the name of religion want to follow a radical representation of Islam, or want to manipulate a group of believers, that perhaps does not know the main principles of religion"says Brucaj.
Published on: September 16, 2014 - 4:34 pm
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