Albanian Muslim Community concerned about Islamophobia
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Albanian Muslim Community notes with concern that our country is facing a growing hate that hits religious coexistence. In a reaction to the media, they urged Muslim believers not to fall prone to these provocations, which are amplified in social networks.

"Albanian Muslim Community notes with regret that during the recent days Islamophobia is increasing and different individuals, have expressed this openly on social networks, and also in the media.

This language of hate and religious discrimination against any faith in Albania is a blow to the foundations of harmony and coexistence. These values should be stored and handled with delicacy and respect.

All religious communities in the country, have been working together with patience and commitment to cultivate harmony and coexistence for this to be a value to our national identity.

Albanian Muslim Community calls on all Muslim believers not to believe such provocations.

Also we appeal to all administrators of social networking and media newsrooms, to be careful and responsible in their publications, not to hurt the religious communities, "reads the press release of the Albanian Muslim Community. /
Published on: September 12, 2014 - 2:22 pm
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