Albanian business against the government's fiscal package
Ilir Zhilla
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The president of the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania, Ilirian Zhilla said that changes to the fiscal package increase the burden of taxation on business In Albania. In addition, the new package stimulates opportunities for an increasing informality.

"At the time when this fiscal platform is being presented, it does not comply with the trend of coping with the crisis. If you look at all the countries that have experienced a similar situation, they have done the opposite. They have reduced taxes so that business may breathe freely and may overcome this difficult situation. In this difficult situation of the business community, this is something that is not welcome," Ilirian Zhilla said.

The Union also rejects PM's claims that 95 % of Albanians will be freed from taxes, since the increase in excise duties on many products will translate into higher prices for consumers.

The business community expressed its deep concern that the government has not yet invited them to offer their opinion on the new fiscal package.

The governmental draft of the 2014 fiscal package foresees a progressive tax on personal incomes. Salaries under ALL 30 thousand are not supposed to be taxed, while salaries from ALL 30 thousand to ALL 100 thousand are expected to be progressively taxed at 15 % and salaries above ALL 100 thousand will be subjected to a progressive tax of 20%.

Businesses as well will be taxed progressively, on the basis of their turnover.
Published on: December 12, 2013 - 4:37 pm
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