Albania begins negotiations for EU membership on November 9th
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The European Commission will adopt on November 9th the historic decision to open negotiations with Albania for membership in the European Union.

The news was confirmed to "Balkanweb" from official sources in Brussels, which claim that "Albania is expected to receive a positive recommendation with the condition of concrete results in the justice reform".

The methodology will be the same as last year, each chapter will be assessed on the progress made.

Official sources from Brussels claim that the "Vetting Law sent to the Constitutional Court by the Democratic Party will not be an obstacle, because with the approval of the justice reform, we have fulfilled the main condition for a positive recommendation".

After the report, the Council is expected to vote on December. Member countries will be the ones to decide on whether to open negotiations or not.

The Albanian government demanded for the implementation of the justice reform to be made through the process of integration, because the first chapters of discussion will be 23 and 24 dealing with the rule of law. /
Published on: October 17, 2016 - 4:52 pm
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