AI: Families of missing people must be treated as victims of war
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Head of Amnesty International and author of the recent report of the organization, for the protection of human rights, Sian Jones, told Radio "Free Europe" that none of those responsible for the disappearance of 3,500 Kosovo Albanians has faced justice.

She reminded that the Government of Serbia has provided the families of missing persons or victims the war status and that they receive less benefits compared to families of soldiers and Serb policemen, who were abducted outside Serbia.

Amnesty International recalls that under the international law, enforced disappearances are not considered as crimes committed, until their fare is not determined.

She added that the Serbian Government has an obligation, in front of the International Convention to protect from forced disappearance, and against torture, the families and relatives of missing persons, to provide adequate compensation. But, according to her, Serbia doesn't have a law on missing people.

The International Convention for the protection of violent extinction defines as victims of enforced disappearance all family members of missing persons. /
Published on: January 22, 2015 - 6:11 pm
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