5th Pan-European Forum, held at Durres Port
Eco-sustainable models for Pan-European corridor ports was the topic of the 5th Pan-European Forum, held at Durres Port Training Center on Thursday. The European Union (EU) has initiated international project Environmental Management of Transborder Corridor Ports, ECOPORT 8, which is being implemented through cooperation of Port Authorities, Universities and research organisations of six states. Engaged in this project are EU countries such as Italy (lead partner), Bulgaria, Greece and Romania, as well as Albania and Montenegro, participants in the European Program IPA. The ECOPORT 8 project is financed by the EU, Euro 65 000, and is focused on standards and methodologies appropriate for a sustainable management of port areas./albeu.com/
Published on: April 21, 2012 - 10:04 pm
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#UEFA e vitit 2014

#UEFA e vitit 2014