409 homeless families will be provided with soft credits
Lulzim Basha
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Around 409 homeless families will be provided with soft credits to buy an apartment and the interest rates will be subsidised by Tirana Municipality. Tirana Mayor Lulzim Basha said at the meeting of the Tirana City Council that all needs, requests and criteria “had been adjudicated in the most transparent manner, in full compliance with the law, before the list of 184 families was presented to the Council for approval. The list is attached to another list of 225 families made evident conform the law, with procedures applied by the previous administration.” Basha added that around 74 families would be lawful owners of the houses they have been living in since long ago. In conclusion, the Tirana City Council approved the 8 draft-decisions presented by Basha and which address citizens’ problems./albeu.com/
Published on: April 6, 2012 - 10:47 am
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