Gjiknuri suspends 37 oil companies
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Ministry of Energy suspends commercial operations for 37 oil companies.

"As part of the measures to monitor quality standards and marketing of hydrocarbons, with the proposal of the Central Technical Inspectorate (CTI), Minister of Energy and Industry Damian Gjiknuri has signed the measure of suspension of commercial activity for some companies.

Central Technical Inspectorate controls are focused on indicators of quality and the safety of oil and gas trading as well as to respect legal obligations" reads the official prss release of the Ministry of Energy and Industry. The companies are:

1. Joni MD” sh.a.

2. “Enarvi” sh.a.

3. “Halilaj Hollding Group” sh.a.

4. “A & A Oil 10” sh.a.

5. “Duçellari 2010” sh.a.

6. “Europa Park” sh.a.

7. “Albatras Oil” sh.a

8. “Ina Petrol” sh.a.

9. “Al Prima” sh.a.

10. “Gentjan 2011” sh.a.

11. “Alfa Omega Enterprise” sh.a.

12. “New Petrol” sh.a.

13. “Roberto Oil” sh.a.

14. “Lilo Petrol 2011Compani” sh.a.

15. “Isc Petroleum Compani” sh.a.

16. “EBC Oil Compani” sh.a.

17. “Niti Petrol compani” sh.a.

18. “Gramozi Oil Compani” sh.a.

19. “Albania Oil Compani 2011” sh.a.

20. “Petroleum 2011- Compani” sh.a.

21. “Lloga Oil – Compani” sh.a.

22. “Tot Trading In Oil & Transport” sh.a.

23. “Durrës Oil Internacional Logistik” sh.a.

24. “Power Sprint Oil” sh.a.

25. “Kurum Energy” sh.a.

26. “Sheng Oil” sh.a.

27. “Eurostandard Oil” sh.a.

28. “Evo Power” sh.a.

29. “Dion Petroleum” sh.a.

30. “K & E 2011” sh.a.

31. “Tangra Group” sh.a.

32. “Sarona” sh.a.

33. “East Mediterranean” sh.a.

34. “Kroj Petrol” sh.a.

35. “Gaz Power” sh.a.

36. “Tot Trading In oil & Transport” sh.a. /albeu.com/
Published on: September 27, 2014 - 12:06 pm
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