Bushati: Serbia should take back all offensive statements against Albanians
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"Serbia must take back all offensive statements against Albanians". This is what Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati said today, referring to the match between Serbia and Albania. In his speech in the Parliament Bushati urged the Serbian authorities to distance themselves from any provocative elements.

"Yesterday we had a reaction from the Serbian president, prime minister, officials of the Serbian Football Federation, and all they said were words of hatred against Albania. We have asked them officially to distance themselves from such acts.

I wanted to reiterate on this occasion that we have followed all the issues that arose during the game. Albanian Ambassador in Serbia was banned to do his job properly. This caused for the Albanian National team to get blocked in locker rooms, under pressure, and this was documented with photos and images that were seen by everyone", he further added.

Bushati underlined that sport should be separated from politics and parties should take on the responsibilities. He said that sport is a bridge that connects people and should be separated from hooliganism.

We are determined to continue our course as a member of NATO, which radiates certainty and does pose a threat to anyone ", said Bushati. /albeu.com/
Published on: October 16, 2014 - 2:47 pm
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