Vetting Law is the ONLY condition for EU negotiations
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There aren't seven priorities but only one condition for Albania's membership in the European Union. Rapporteur for Albania Knutt Fleckenstein speaking to TVSH's reporter, Denada Shkodrani praised Albania's progress on the European path.

"I think it is very clear, and you heard it from Chancellor Merkel that we have seen great progress in Albania. It is very clear that negotiations should be opened very soon, as soon as you start the implementation of the judicial reform. We can not wait for the implementation of every reform because in other countries implementation also happens during negotiations. When it comes to the justice reform, most of the work is done. As a key factor in regional cooperation, we are very pleased with the work of the government, "said Mr. Fleckenstein.

He was skeptical about the statements of the head of the Bundestag's Foreign Commission Kirschbaum in Tirana. He said that the Albanian government has fulfilled its obligations but there is still work to be done to complete the vetting process.

"I believe that Mr. Kirschbaum mentioned some points for which you should start implementation but I do not believe that what he said is right, that we should wait until everything is implemented. I believe that even for 2018 he said we shall see. Perhaps he does not have the right information because the German Bundestag has no voice in this regard. It is in the hands of the European Parliament. 28 parliaments will not decide about every step, " he said./TVSH/
Published on: November 29, 2016 - 4:14 pm
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