Rezart Taci "innocent", body guards are punished
Rezart Tai
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Court of Tirana gave the final decision to criminal file charges "stroke because of the duty" to Rezart Taci and his body guards Irgen Selfo and Bledar Lilo. According to the court's decision, announced by Judge Petrit omo, oil businessman Rezart Taci was found not guilty of the charges filed against him while his body guards are convicted each of them with 700 thousand Lek fine.

At the conclusion of the review of this dossier, the judge omo created his belief that the defendant Rezart Taci is innocent and did not take part in "smashing" the journalist Mero Baze.

Taci Rezart bodyguards, Bledar Lilo and Irgen Selfo, were convicted of having consumed the offense of "criminal offenses and other intentional injuries" conducted in cooperation. The prosecution had asked 3 months in prison for Rezart Taci.
Published on: December 17, 2010 - 11:29 am
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