Positive report for Albania to open EU negotiations
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A positive recommendation for Albania’s accession negotiations is no more surprise, but the language used by the EU about Albania’s conditions seem unclear. The main condition, as Top Channel has learned, is the justice reform and its real and concrete implementation. Although the recommendation part has other priorities that need to be met, Top Channel has learned that this year’s report is positive. Two are the phrases found almost everywhere in the 90-page-long report, constant progress and decisive progress, and which will show the progress in 90% of the areas taken for study.

These areas are 46 in total, and 40 of them have progress of various levels. This includes the war against organized crime, especially against cannabis. The European Commission has been informed by the Italian Guardia di Finanza that Albanian authorities have collaborated for each case of cannabis plantation. The report doesn’t mention any are in which there are steps back, but the freedom of speech and public procurement have not changed. The EU notes progress also with the implementation of the decriminalization law, with people of a criminal past removed from the Parliament, and also sees progress in the fight against corruption. However, Brussels wants to see concrete results with the investigation of high-level officials.

This is described as the most positive report that Brussels has ever done about Albania, but the conditions remain. The member countries are expected to make a reconfirmation in December. The Venice Commission opinion for the Betting Law should have been published by then, which is seen by Brussels as the foundation of the Justice Reform, the key condition for the negotiations.
Published on: November 8, 2016 - 10:58 pm
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