Next SP-SMI coalition to include also PJIU of Shpetim Idrizi
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Prime Minister and leader of the Socialist Party, Edi Rama warned Ilir Meta that that 2017 elections coalition will have three parties, including the head of PJIU, Shpetim Idrizi.

"Ilir Meta and I do not pressure each other. I am hopeful that Albanians will give us a second term to govern. I predict that we will be three leaders in the next coalition. Ilir Meta, Edi Rama and Shpetim Idrizi", Rama said to Sokol Balla in Top Story.

Regarding the statement of Nishani for a rerun, Rama said that thanks to his services, only the DP could nominate him. /
Published on: December 1, 2016 - 11:45 pm
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